In high school, my friend Maria and I founded the Gay-Straight Awareness Club.  Administration told us we couldn’t use the title “Gay-Straight Alliance” because it sounded “too militant”.  Our high school was just down the road from a military base, and during my first three years there the word gay was only whispered, or shot derisively across the quadrangle along with a wad of spit or a launched handful of orange peels or french fries.  However, after we started the club, every single homeroom teacher had to say the word gay out loud in front of their first period class every single morning, as in: “Gay-Straight Awareness Club will be meeting in room 201 during lunch period today to discuss zine publication.”  For reals.  It was a big deal.

Pride weekend (June 25-27), in San Francisco, is Gay Christmas.  What we don’t have is Gay Advent.

With these things in mind, and in celebration of June aka LGBTQ Pride Month, I will take and post one gay picture every day.  The definition of what is gay, of course, being totally subject to my own whims and inclinations.

May 30th: pre-holiday tractor

May 30th: pre-holiday boots

June 1st

June 2nd