I was president of a twenty two person vegan co-op in Ann Arbor, MI called Black Elk and come December, we had this holiday-sensitive gift-exchange activity called Secret Satan.  It’s just like Secret Santa but with a touch of Rosemary’s Baby thrown in for the oversensitive and ironic radical Big Ten college sect.  My Secret Satan, Caroline, surprised me with a skirt she made out of a Sesame Street pillowcase.

As I was looking for something to perform in for June’s Our Hit Parade, I found the skirt in my plastic china town bag full of coconut bras and old stripper clothes.  Nobody could have known this back in 2004, because we all had some serious style issues at the time, but i discovered that it makes a better dress than it does a skirt.

Desperate to cash in on this discovery, I made it my business to think about what pillowcases and Daddy’s have in common.

I don’t know what I discovered, but please note that Columbus thought America was India.

I didn’t kill anybody to sing this song though.