DESIRE, ladies and gentlemen.

since it’s my birthday month, I’m gonna talk about what I want.  today I’m talking objects.  But stay tuned for mystical and title-based desires.

I take desire requests.  topically.

1. a used bicyle. and a bike lock.

I’ve been riding double as bitch on a one-man bike for a  couple months,  and as much as I feel like I’ve scored a free ticket to Six Flags when pot holes bounce my crotch on Flushing Avenue, I do enjoy my own set of pedals and some leverage.

2. a refurbished computer.

In April, I sat down for a little coffee and a little work with Jess and Emily.  Two laptops. Three totally-worth-it four dollar hot espresso drinks.  one table.

a paper cup. the back of my wrist.  an impact. an explosion.  a devastated mother board.

and so ended my four year relationship with my macbook pro.  and so thrust to the fore my romance with the spiral notebook.  but you can’t fit a garage band into a spiral notebook the way you can an aluminum notebook.

thus, a birthday wish was born. and that toothless mug is the father.

3.  a commercial-grade garment rack.

A couple weeks ago, I was at a tantric sex workshop in an office building in Grammercy. Barbara Carrellas was coaching me and twenty nine other folks through a  “breathgasm.” So as you can imagine, everybody in the room was differently placed on a matrix of screaming, crying, laughing, feeling frigid and getting premature rigamortis of the hands.  We took a lunch break afterward and this text from Murphy appeared on my phone (shown). A two year long fantasy-come-true.  A studio space of my own. I feel like a Woolf.  And I’ll tell you why–all that breathgasmic howling.

So now I have a studio to work from. and i’m really excited about separating home and work.  I honestly don’t know who would be church and who would be state in that relationship. but. I pledge allegiance to the fact that I need a place to hang and arrange costumes in a compositional sort of way.