I’m sitting on a chaise lounge in the lobby of the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto drinking free coffee and knowing for sure that my leggings are the thing that keep this travel outfit from working.

This morning I woke up in room 311. The room has a name and the name is Trading Post.

On the website, they describe the room like this:

Room 311 has a strong masculine feel yet strives to be comfortable and warm and give the dweller a feeling of calm. This room has humorous qualities as well and tries to contrast rural, self-sufficient qualities against urban luxury.

That room description could also be an Erin Markey description. And I might start using it as a bio.

I’ve been traveling for twenty days now. Touring with Sister Spit.  Everyday is both a winding road and a new destination.

But mostly it’s been about finding new flavors of potato chips and making observations about my body that I’ve rehearsed a million times before.