Last night I took a trip to Fedex Kinko’s.  Guess who isn’t a good hostess?

It’s Fedex Kinko’s.

I wouldn’t recommend accepting her invitations to dinner parties.  Sometimes you think it would be thoughtful to bring a little something to share with Fedex—a Microsoft Word document or maybe a headshot. Just something to munch on before dinner. And so you spend a few somewhat feverish hours preparing it, because dinner is at 8 and if you’re bringing pre-dinner documents, you better believe that the other guests are expecting you early. They need your formatted snacks to soak up those cocktails.  Otherwise the night will blow it’s wad too early. And whose fault will that be?  probably yours. And that’s not something you want to carry around for the rest of your life.

But don’t terrorize yourself.

Because Fedex Kinko’s doesn’t even answer her door. She stands you up at her own house. You have a backpack full of the last several hours of your life and there’s an empty plate of glass between you and the guests inside having the time of their lives, wearing matching polo shirts, using big machines that wink and light up when touched.  But nobody will answer the door for you. Nobody will let you in.